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Swaffham CE VC Infant and Nursery School
Learn to Love – Love to Learn!

Pupil Premium

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Learn to Love- Love to learn 


‘ To infinity and beyond!’  

We use our pupil premium funding wisely to ensure that our children have the social and emotional skills, emotive language and the best start to their learning destinies. 

Quality first teaching of reading and language development will ensure that our wonderful children fulfil their potential with any barriers to learning ‘zapped away’.

We believe that all children are God’s children and deserve the best in their school.


When children love themselves, their peers, school and community they will have the foundations to love to learn and the sky has no limits to what they can achieve ...



Our 3 year strategy is based around the following 5 priorities:


  • Every teacher a Quality First Educator 
  • Every child a reader 
  • Every child a confident communicator
  • Every child will Learn to love- Love to learn
  • Every child to reach for infinity and beyond 



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