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Making a Difference

A Memorable Curriculum 


At Swaffham CE VC Infant and Nursery School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which enriches the children's knowledge and skills through fun experiences and hands on learning.


Find information about our curriculum subjects here. If you require any further information regarding the curriculum we follow please email or call the school Office and ask for Mrs McMillen.

Long Term Topic Plan

This is the long term topic plan. It is a working document as we are working on enriching and developing our curriculum. 

We have planned for when the school has KS2 cohorts to ensure that there is progression and knowledge and skills are built upon. 

Each topic opens with an enquiry question and an area of the curriculum where the learning will dig deeper and build on the children's prior knowledge and skills. The curriculum is named 'Making a Difference' as each unit will ensure that the children are having a impact on their school, community, country and world around them to help them to continue to develop into wonderful citizens. 

Long Term Topic Plan


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2





What will we find on a bear hunt?

Which colours can you see?

Who are our superheroes?

Why did the Gingerbread Man run away?

What can we make with nature?



What can we find down on the farm?









What is nice about ice?



Who’s the King of the jungle?

What can we see under the sea?


How big is a dinosaur?





Where can we go for help?


When is bedtime?


Can we visit the moon?

How tall is a beanstalk?


Where do minibeasts live?


Where do shells come from?







Great Artists in history







Year 1

Were the three pigs good builders?




How do God’s creations grow?



Who are we? Where do we live? How do we grow?




Did the Great Fire of London change the way we live today?



 What is great about Great Britain?






Could we have tea with a tiger?

Animals including humans

















Year 2

Are we destroying our planet?


Materials – plastic

 Was Guy Fawkes a hero or a Villain?



Did Pop Art change the way people created art?


Who would win a battle

between knights and dragons?  Zog text


Mumbai/ Norfolk 

Could a polar bear  live in Africa?










Year 3

Will we end up creating a tin forest?


Why is our church standing after so many years?

Jenni murphy art



Is ok to fight for land? (Romans, Vikings and Anglo- Saxons)

 Who is the The Red Dragon of Cadwaladr



Wales- counties, major cities, land use 



The rainforest










Year 4

Stone Age to Iron Age

Biomes and the water cycle 



George’s marvelous medicine – inclu humans

Rivers (because of after water cycle)

River Nar – sketch work, plans


Sound/ Electricity

Does religion matter?

Northern Ireland- land use. Beef



Year 5


Ancient times   


Scotland-Why would they want independence?


Earth matters, doesn’t it?


Volcanoes and Earthquakes



Heartwood Scientists


Life cycles of plants and animals





Year 6



Charles Darwin- Evolution





Hierarchy and power- Victorians



Islamic civilization, link with electricity and light


Apprentice- What do you aspire to be?






Subject Key


We are scientists


We are historians


We are geographers


We are artists


We are designers (D.T)


Music- Music teacher. Plan out progression and objectives         P.E- Get Set PE                    R.E- Units

Curriculum entitlement

What will the children be learning each half term?

Subject skills progression across year groups