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Swaffham CE VC Infant and Nursery School
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Swaffham Church of England VC Primary and Nursery School. Welcome to our new school website. Our new website is currently awaiting content and will be updated regularly in the coming weeks. We look forward to launching in the coming weeks.

Who's Who

Come and meet the wonderful staff at our great school.


Leadership 1 Mrs Marion Link - Headteacher
Leadership 2 Mrs Emily McMillen - Deputy Headteacher

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs Tracy Stevenson - Office Administrator
Office Staff 2 Mrs Denise Allen - Office and Attendance Officer

Mouse Class

Mouse Class 1 Miss Jen Robbins - Teacher & EYFS Lead
Mouse Class 2 Mrs Maria Frew - Class TA

Badger Class

Badger Class 1 Miss Holly Black - Teacher
Badger Class 2 Mrs Nicola Weeks - Class TA
Badger Class 3 Miss Louise Lidbetter - Class TA
Badger Class 4 Miss Laura Dennis - Class TA

Rabbit Class

Rabbit Class 1 Mrs Bev Chapman - Class TA
Rabbit Class 2 Mrs Cara Butters - Class TA
Rabbit Class 3 Miss Jane Sugden - Class TA

Deer Class

Deer Class 1 Mr Jordan Grass - Teacher & Maths Lead
Deer Class 2 Mrs Christine Dye - Class TA
Deer Class 3 Mrs Louise Mueller - Class TA

Squirrel Class

Squirrel Class 1 Mrs Ruth Harwood - HLTA
Squirrel Class 2 Mrs Chris Mann - Class TA

Mole Class

Mole Class 1 Mrs Jayne Black - Teacher & KS1 Lead
Mole Class 2 Miss Carrie Fisher - HLTA
Mole Class 3 Mrs Carla Curtis - Class TA

Owl Class

Owl Class 1 Mrs Diana Oake - Class Teacher and PATHs Lead
Owl Class 2 Mrs Carole Blowers - HLTA
Owl Class 3 Miss Lucy Brackley - Class TA

Rainbow Class

Rainbow Class 1 Mrs Maria Hodge - Class Teacher and SENCo
Rainbow Class 2 Mrs Rachel Young - HLTA
Rainbow Class 3 Mrs Helen Goacher - Class TA


MSAs 1 Miss Kila Gagen
MSAs 2 Mrs Suzanne Pearson
MSAs 3 Mrs Lisa Davies
MSAs 4 Mrs Karen Friend
MSAs 5 Miss Laura Bunting
MSAs 6 Mrs Lynda Nicholas
MSAs 7 Miss Ute Tingay
MSAs 8 Mrs Debbie Haynes
MSAs 9 Miss Holly Bowman