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Tricky Words

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Tricky words are words that cannot be sounded out and are read 'on sight'. Children are taught these words daily from Reception. These words are extremely important in helping your child to read.  Children are also taught how to spell them and use them in their writing.


Children will take the Tricky words home that they are learning to read and write for parents and guardians to support them with. A good tip to help your child learn their Tricky words in through fun games. Try hiding the words around the home or find Tricky words when out and about or in their reading books. You could purchase some magnetic letters to create tricky words on the fridge/ radiator and your child can practise reading them.


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These are the Tricky words that the children learn to read and write from Reception- Year 2.


I    the   he   she   me  we   be   was   to   do   are   all   you   your   come   some   said   here   there   they   go   no   so   my   one   by   like   have   live   give   only   old   little   down   what   when   why   where   who   which   any   many   more   before   other   were   because   want   saw   put   could   should  would   right   two   four  goes   does   made   their  mother   father  sister   brother   grandma   grandpa   aunt   uncle   nephew   niece   cousin   friend   January   February   March   April   May   June  July   August   September  October   November   December  half   quarter   eleven   twelve   thirteen   fourteen   fifteen   sixteen   seventeen   eighteen   nineteen   twenty   thirty   forty   fifty   sixty   seventy   eighty   ninety   hundred   thousand   million   zero   equals   centimetre   metre   gram   kilogram   millilitre   litre   weight   volume   minute   second   fraction   estimate   child   children   woman   women    mouse   mice   library   computer   English   language   continent   world   school  measure   difference

Reading Leader: Emily McMillen (Deputy Headteacher)

Reading Link Governor: Clare Hudson (Parent Governor)